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Chrome Enterprise Upgrade license

Chromebox for meetings - Management and Support (One Year License)

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Chromebox for meetings - Management and support License for 1 Year

Management and support License for 1 Year. The Chromebox for meetings license comes with 24/7 support from Google. It allows you to manage your device through the Google Apps Admin Panel.

Through the onscreen wizard, you can easily enroll your Chromebox for meetings device to your organisation's domain.

When you enroll a Chromebox for meetings device, the enrollment process automatically assigns one of your available licenses to the device.

The first license you purchase for the Chromebox for meetings management console lasts for one year from the date of purchase. Following that, any licenses you get are prorated to end on the same date as the first license.

You may switch a license from an existing device to a new one if the device hardware fails, or is replaced by a different model.

Your Chromebox for meeting set up requires this license to work.